1.    General

  • The Tour consists of a series of one-day, 18-hole regular Tour events throughout July and August followed by an 18-hole Tour Championship during the final week of the season.
  • Points are earned in each event for order of finish as opposed to total score.
  • For regular Tour events, 50 points are awarded for first place, 49 for second, … , 41 points for 10’th and 40 points for 11’th place and all lower positions.  The appropriate average is given for tied positions.
  • For the Tour Championship, 100 points are awarded for first place, 96 points for second, 93 for third, 91 for fourth and 90 points for 5’th place and all lower positions. The appropriate average is given for tied positions.
  • The Order of Merit Division Winners are determined by the sum of points earned in a player’s top three (3) finishes in regular Tour events plus points earned in the Tour Championship.  Points earned in the player’s top three regular Tour events carry over to the Tour Championship.  Points are not reset for the Tour Championship.
  • In order to be the Tour Champion for the year (Order of Merit Division Winner) a player must play in at least three regular Tour events and in the Tour Championship.
  • For each division, an event becomes official if all players in the division complete at least one of the stipulated rounds (see item #4 in the Tely Junior Golf Tour Local Rules). If the Tour Championship does not become official (for example, because of poor weather), then the Tour Champion in the division will be determined by the final Order of Merit standings prior to the Tour Championship.
  • After completion of roughly half of the scheduled events, the current Order of Merit will be posted or updated on the Tour Web Site so players can see their relative positions.

2.    Playing Rules

3.    Code of Conduct

  • Tour players will adhere to the Tour Dress Code and any further dress restrictions in force at particular clubs. The Tour Dress Code prohibits tank tops, blue jeans, T-shirts, short skirts and short shorts. Regular length shorts are allowed unless prohibited at the host club. Shirts with collars and mock turtlenecks are allowed. Shirts without collars must have sleeves. All players’ shirts must be tucked in or otherwise such that no midriff shows during the golf swing. Caps must be worn with the bills facing forward. The Tour reserves the right to deem a player’s apparel to be in violation of the Tour Dress Code.
  • Tour players will not use tobacco, alcohol or (non-medicinal) drugs while participating in a Tour event or on the premises of a host club for a Tour event.
  • Tour players will be respectful of Tour officials, host course officials and volunteers during Tour events. In particular, players will refrain from throwing clubs or using abusive language.
  • Code of Conduct Violations: For Dress Code and Abuse infractions as outlined in this section, the procedure will normally be as follows.  A warning will be given for a first offence. For a second offence in the same season the player will be disqualified from the current event. For subsequent infractions, further entries in Tely Tour events may be rejected. The Tely Tour Executive Committee will determine the duration of any rejection of entry penalty. A Code of Conduct violation resulting in either disqualification or rejection of entry will result in a written letter to the player and his/her parent or guardian.  Within a week of receipt, the player and his/her parent or guardian jointly may appeal any rejection of entry penalty.

4.    Trophy Criteria

  • West Coast Swing: Awarded to the player with the best performance in West Coast events. Eligible events are Tely Tour events west of Deer Lake including the Northern Peninsula and Labrador. In order of importance, factors considered include number of “swing” events played, scores in those events, strength of field in those events and order of merit position. The winner can be male or female, need not live on the West Coast and need not participate in the Tour Championship.
  • Hutchinson Trophy: The winner will
    • be female,
    • be not beyond her third year of competitive Tely Tour golf,
    • show improvement, through Tely Tour scores, over the course of the season and
    • be both a Tely Tour and Golf NL member.
  • Most Improved Male and Female: In order of importance, factors considered include improvement during the current season, number of events played, strength or depth of player’s division and improvement from the previous year. There is an expectation that the winner will play in the Tour Championship.