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Putting Tips

There are so many ways to putt. Normal grip, cross handed, pencil grip, belly putter, long putter etc..

No matter which way you choose, there are a few things you should always be aware of:

  1. Grip pressure: should be light and tension free
  2. Your arms should hang straight down and your eyes should be over the ball
  3. Feet shoulder width apart and standing in balance. (weight should not move during putt)

- The stroke should be 1/3 back and 2/3 through. (always a slight acceleration)

  1. Follow through should stay low and club face pointing at your intended line.
  2. Always hold your finish, and don’t look up until your putt has gone half way.
  3. Vary the length of your stroke to control distances. (long putt = longer stroke)
  4. The putter has a sweet spot!! Finding it will help keep putts on line with proper speed.

Be sure to practice and have fun!

Jamie Moran, Clovelly - PGA of Canada


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