Membership Committee Role & Responsibilities

Policy No. PO-3-03-22
Effective Date: 05-02-2022
Last Revised: N/A
Policy Owner: Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador

1. Reason for Policy

The objective of the Committee shall be to assist the Board in defining strategic priorities, particularly as they relate to increasing individual and club membership in Newfoundland & Labrador. The Committee may also examine how golf can play a key role in the health and well-being of our members, and members clubs and the golf industry.

2. Policy Statement

The Chair will work with committee members and the Executive Director of Golf NL to plan meetings and support the Executive Director and Golf NL between meetings as directed.

3. Scope

This policy applies to the Golf Newfoundland Labrador (Golf NL) Membership Committee. 

4. Procedures

The Committee shall be engaged in the following key tasks: 

  • A. Identify and develop programs and services that would be beneficial to increase the individual members and member courses, and deepen the engagement, dialogue and
  • collaboration with the individual members and member courses.
  • B. Identify golfer participation gaps (age, access, gender, demographics, etc.) in programming
  • and recommend opportunities to drive greater participation and value.
  • C. Be familiar with all “Grow the Game” initiatives of Golf Canada with a view to reduce
  • redundancies and share resources to create future golfers.
  • D. Provide input as part of Golf NL’s strategic planning process.
  • E. Develop and implement an annual work plan in accordance with the strategic plan.
  • F. Perform such additional tasks as may be delegated to the Committee by the Executive     Director and/or Board as required.

5. Policy History

Revision DateAuthorDescription
05-02-2022Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland LabradorAdopted