Harmonized Fee Structure

Policy No. PO-09-13
Effective Date: 09-24-2013   
Last Revised: 09-21-2018
Policy Owner: Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador

1. Reason for Policy

With the consolidation of Newfoundland Labrador Golf Association (NLGA) and Golf Newfoundland Labrador (Golf NL), into one entity, one of the major objectives is to create a fair and equitable membership fee model. At the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the organization, a workshop and presentation took place related to the implementation of a new membership fee model.

2. Policy Statement

The goal of the new fee model is to eliminate the present fee structure(s) and have members pay fees that are fair, balanced and reflect their operations. This model will combine the two existing fees which included one for marketing and the other for individual membership dues.

3. Scope

The scope of this policy includes membership concepts ranging from, a fee based on the size and services of a golf course to having each individual that golf required to have a Golf Card with specific benefits.

Presently Golf NL marketing fees include nine-hundred dollars ($900.00) per each nine (9) holes, as well as, three-hundred dollars for each additional nine (9) holes above eighteen (18) holes. There is also a fee for courses that have accommodations which is three-hundred dollars ($300.00). These marketing fees are reduced for the two courses in Labrador.

The individual membership fee included $25.35 per adult and $19.16 per youth plus HST. A portion of these fees are provided to Golf Canada in the amount of $12.00 per adult and $7.50 per youth plus HST. Golf Canada has informed GNL and its membership that this fee will increase in 2014 by $1.00 per member plus HST.

4. Procedures

Golf NL will have a combined membership fee structure that is based on two components including one fee for the size of each course and the other component would include a fee for each membership card sold. The fees would be calculated as follows:

$2,100.00 plus HST per initial nine holes up to eighteen (18) holes

Additional $300.00 per each nine (9) holes after eighteen (18) holes

Individual adult membership fee of $20.00 plus HST (Voluntary) 

As stated previously, achieve its objective the following fee structure includes a two (2) tier system with a base fee paid by each course for each nine (9) holes and a membership fee as follows:

  • A. 18 hole course                             $4,200.00
  • B. 9 hole course                             $2,100.00
  • C. Each additional nine holes after eighteen                       $300.00
  • D. Individual Membership Fee                     $20.00
  • E. Facility Fee – Clubs with No Members (Score Center)              $350.00

All Fees Plus HST

To strive to maintain a positive cash flow position and to ensure that each course can manage its membership fees to the organization, the following payment schedule has been adopted:

  • A. Initial 50% course fee invoiced in January and payable by May 14th 
  • B. Second 50% course fees invoiced June 1st and payable by September 1st 
  • C. Individual membership fees invoiced September 1st and payment due November 1st 

For example: for a course that operates a nine (9) hole facility, the initial invoice would be $1,050.00 plus HST. while an eighteen (18) hole facility will have an initial invoice of $2,100.00 plus HST. 

5. Policy History

09-24-2013Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland LabradorAdopted
09-21-2017Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland LabradorRevised 
09-21-2018Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland LabradorRevised