Golf NL Travel Subsidies Policy 

Policy No. 
Effective Date: 
Last Revised: N/A
Policy Owner: Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador

1. Reason for Policy

Golf Newfoundland Labrador (GNL) wishes to provide assistance to its members with the opportunity to participate in regional and national competitions and tournaments. 

2. Policy Statement

This policy will determine the amount of funds destined to travel subsidies, as well as the eligibility requirements. 

3. Scope

This policy applies to all Golf Newfoundland Labrador (Golf NL) travel subsidies. 

4. Procedures

Funds for travel subsidies

  • A. 75% of the remaining funds from the years tournament(s) will be set aside for travel subsidies for Atlantic and/or National Competitions
  • B. 25% will be set aside in an account for use as future travel subsidies if needed

Adult players and Junior players will be eligible for travel subsidies for both ATL and NAT championships. 

Total available funding will be based on a Share system & the total number of players required to represent NL at ATL or NAT team competition.


  • A. ATL team players = 26
  • B. NAT team players = 23

ATL competition = 1 share (worth 1.4% of total funds)

NAT competition = 1.5 shares (worth 2.1% of total funds)

2015 Available Funds 10000

Team#Ind ShareTeam ShareInd. %Subsidy
(per player)
Mens Am (NAT)$248
Mens Mid (NAT)$248
Mens Senior (NAT)$248
Mens SS (NAT)$248
Mens Am (ATL)$165
Mens MM (ATL)$165
Mens Senior (ATL)$165
Mens SS (ATL)$165
Female Am (NAT)$248
Female Senior (NAT)$248
Female SS (NAT)$248
Female Am (ATL)$165
Female MM (ATL)$165
Female Senior (ATL)$165
Female SS (ATL)$165
Junior Boys (NAT)$248
Junior Girls (NAT)$248
Junior Boys (ATL)$165
Junior Girls (ATL)$165

Value of a single share 1.65% (1/total # of shares)

Full travel subsidies would apply to those who are identified as team members (top 3 plus the alternate) in Provincial Competitions. 

  • A. Players who fill available teams’ spots but were outside the official “team” will receive a 1% subsidy.
    Funds will not be redistributed if all team spots are not filled unless it is extreme in nature (say only 50% of the spots are filled). 
    Golf NL will advise players at the Players Meeting prior to the competition as to the estimated potential bursary which may be available that year.
    Players will be open to use the subsidy for any portion of their event that they choose however proof of registration and attendance at the event will be required
  • B. players will be provided the subsidy once proof of registration is provided. 

5. Policy History

Revision DateAuthorDescription
Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador