Canada Summer Games: Player Selection Process

Policy No. PO-09-21
Effective Date: 09-24-2021
Last Revised: 06-08-2023
Policy Owner: Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador

  1. Reason for Policy

    Golf was introduced as a Canada Summer Games sport for the first time at the 2009 Canada Games held in Prince Edward Island. In preparation for the 2025 Canada Games in St.John’s, NL, Golf Newfoundland Labrador (Golf NL) has prepared a management plan to select, train and send the Newfoundland Labrador golf teams to these Games.

    In 2022 a High Performance Project (PPP) was established to enhance Team NL performance at the 2025 Canada Summer Games, including advice on investments required for athlete and sport development in preparation for the Games. The Performance Plan Project is an element of that and builds on recommendations included in document:  Medals Matter.

    Thus, Golf NL has created a policy related to the training and development of players for selection to the 2025 Canada Summer games and optimize the potential to reach the podium and/or the higher possible finish at these Games.
  1. Policy Statement

    The object of Golf NL is to select the top six (6) male and top six (6) female junior players who are eligible for the 2025 Canada Games and be willing to participate in various competitive and training programs during the period 2023/2025 season.

    The ultimate goal is to develop and select a two person male and two person female team to compete at the 2025 Canada Games with the potential for a podium result.

    The selection of the Teams will be undertaken by the Junior Development Committee consisting of the two Canada Games Coaches, Junior Director, Technical Director and the Executive Director and will be comprised of an Order Of Merit (OOM) point system that is detailed in this document.


This document outlines the process that will be followed in selecting players to the 2025 team.

  1. Forms/ Links
2025 Canada Games Technical 
Team NL Policy Manual 

Team Makeup

The golf team for each province will include:

Players: 4 (2 male and 2 female)

Staff: 2 Coaches (1 must act as Manager with one male and one female)

Athlete eligibility: Junior age players (Under 19 as of August 1st, 2025)


Team Competition – 72 hole stroke play (4 days, 18 holes per day)

Individual Competition – 72 hole stroke play (4 days, 18 holes per day)


Stroke Play – Team

Each team will count the 2 lowest scores – these scores will represent their team total.

The win goes to the team with the lowest aggregate total following 72-holes.

Stroke Play – Individual

Each individual will post a score each day

The win goes to the lowest aggregate individual total following 72-holes.

Rules – Rules of play are those of the Royal Canadian Golf Association

  1. Procedures

Players must be under 19 years of age as of August 1st, 2025

Participation on the Canada Games Training Program will be by invitation only

Athletes will be required to training on a continuous bases throughout the year as directed but the coaching staff

Athletes will be required to participate in a number sport development programs including but not limited to mental preparation, core strength and conditioning, nutrition and rules education

Athletes performance will be evaluated at the end of the training year and a determination will be made by the committee to either invite or delete an invitation to the Athlete for the coming year based on a set criteria developed by the committee.

Players may be considered for removal from the selection pool for poor attendance, negative behavior, lack of participation in outlined activities or breach(es) of the Code Of Conduct.

Athletes that have held an SR1 or SR2 Card (as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program) at any time are excluded from the Canada Games

No athlete can be rendered ineligible within 90 days of the opening of the Games due to carding status

Players will be eligible based on the guidelines outlined in the Team NL / Canada Games Policies

Players must be members in good standing of Golf NL

Players must be amateur golfers (refer to Rules of Amateur Status)

NOTE: If discrepancy exists between the wording in this document and that of the 2025 Canada Summer Games Golf Technical Package, the information in the Technical Package will be deemed to be correct.

Eligible players will earn points for participation at junior events and competitions over a three (3) year period.

These competitions will include the following:


Provincial Junior Championship (Overall Standings)

NextGen Atlantics (NL Athlete Standings)

Tely Tour Championship (Overall Standings)


Provincial Junior Championship (Overall Standings)

NextGen Atlantics (NL Athlete Standings)

National Junior Championships (Making Cut)

Tely Tour Championship (Overall Standings)


Provincial Junior Championship (Overall Standings)

NextGen Atlantics (Overall Standings)

Golf NL reserves the right to consider the inclusion of a player for consideration for selection to the Canada Games due to an inability to compete in any of the events during the 2023 season. The inability to compete will only be given consideration for the following reasons:

  • Documented illness or injury
  • Valid family emergency
  • Cost prohibitive
  • Scheduling conflicts

Individuals that miss an OOM competition and wish to be considered for the program must contact the Canada Games coach prior to the competition. The player must then follow up the contact in writing outlining the rationale for missing the competition.

Players have a right to appeal a selection decision if the criteria were not implemented properly, or were biased in some way. An appeal shall be heard ONLY on the grounds that the selection process and final decision was flawed. The grounds are as follows:

A. The Golf NL Junior Development Committee intervened with a decision for which it lacked authority

B. The Golf NL Junior Development Committee failed to follow approved Golf NL Canada Games player selection procedures

C. The Golf NL Junior Development Committee exercised its discretion for an improper purpose

D. The Golf NL Junior Development Committee acted in a biased manner

Players will be given 72 hours following the official announcement of the selection of athletes to train for 2025 Canada Games Team. The athlete must present his/her appeal in writing to the Chair of the Appeals Committee (President of Golf NL). The Appeals Committee shall review the presented documentation and decide whether or not the request has grounds for a hearing. If there are no legitimate grounds for an appeal, the Chair of the Appeals Committee shall telephone or speak in person to the athlete advising him/her of the decision. This will be followed up with a formal letter to the athlete.

If the appeals committee feels there are grounds for an appeal hearing, the following procedures will take place:

A. The Chair of the Appeals Committee shall select a designated place, date and time to hear the appeal, no later than 48 hours from receipt of the appeal.

B. The Appeals Committee shall hear the player’s complaint. He/she may be accompanied by one advocate (Parent, guardian, legal advisor, etc.…)

C. The Appeals Committee shall hear from the Golf NL Junior Committee Representative

D. The Appeals Committee shall rule on the matter and advise all parties of the decision within 48 hours.

E. The Appeals Committee shall be made up of the following individuals:

  • Chair: Golf NL President
  • Members: Golf NL Vic-President
  • Golf NL Rules Director
  • Golf NL Executive Director

If a player does not agree with the decision of Golf NL’s Appeal Committee, said player has the right to appeal the decision to the Appeals Committee of Sport NL within 72 hours. It should be noted that the decision of the Sport NL Appeals committee will be final and binding on all parties.

Should one or more of the Canada Games Team players not be able to participate in the Canada Games, the Junior Committee will complete an assessment of the remaining eligible players and select the individual who has accumulated the next highest OOM points.

The 2025 Canada Games Team final selections will be made at the completion of the 2025 NextGen Atlantics and will be comprised of the top two (2) male and two (2) female players who have accumulated the most OOM points over the nine (9) designated competitions. One (1) alternate shall be announced for each team as noted in 5.5.

Golf NL is pleased to announce that Wayne Allen will be coaching the 2025 Canada Games Team. He will also be accompanying the Boys & Girls Teams to various regional competitions, as well as, participating in the provincial Junior Development Team program.

The organization is in the process of identifying the Team Manager for the 2025 Canada Games Team. 

Golf NL will utilize the resources and expertise of the staff of the Provincial Sports Center to implement a number of development programs over the three-year period. These programs will include strength training, conditioning, mental preparation, nutrition and motivational speaking.

The Canada Games host golf venue will be the focal point of training and implementing programs

Policy History

Revision DateAuthorDescription
09-24-2021Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland LabradorAdopted
03-13-2023Board of Directors of Golf Newfoundland Labrador