Golf Newfoundland Labrador is pleased to acknowledge Mr. Richard March, 2023 Employee of the Year

Richard Marche has been working at Harmon Seaside Links for 16 years as the Grounds Crew Supervisor, and prior to holding the lead position he spent nine years as a member of the Grounds Crew. Richard manages the day to day, and seasonal, work activities of three Grounds Crew members each year.

Starting in April of each season, until the course closes in October, Richard can be seen at the maintenance shed at 6AM preparing machinery and the worklist for that day. Throughout the season, Richard is cutting the greens by 6:30AM to ensure that even the earliest golfers are playing in the best conditions possible.

Each day Richard checks in with clubhouse staff to ensure they have what they need for the day – or if there’s anything else he can add to his list for the day or the week. Outside his endless duties on the course and his meticulous attention to detail, Richard is the club’s Jack of All Trades – from repairing water line breaks, constructing sponsor signage, equipment maintenance, or even the erection of new barbecue/cart coral areas, he is on site providing direction to the grounds crew and leading them to ensure the jobs done without impacting course conditions.

Richard is available and called upon night and day, evenings and weekends and goes about it all with a friendly smile and an enthusiasm that shows his pride in his work and the course he calls his. There is nothing that Richard loves to hear or talk about more than the conditions of the golf course. Even during tough summers with little rain, Richard can be found out manually watering the greens to ensure they are in top shape.

Richard will accept the bad with the good and make note of the smallest complaint or suggestion that members or the Executive mention to him and ensure that he and the grounds crew address it as best they can. He is constantly looking for and completing tasks that enhance the course and ensuring it is kept at it finest. He is a friend to all members and will take the time to talk and listen to them whenever approached.

Harmon Seaside Links is located on a parcel of land that is completely exposed to the elements – winter storms, hurricanes, dry spells that can last weeks, and an endless amount of wind and salt spray, are all reasons that HSL is a course in need of repair and constant assistance. However, it’s through the efforts of Richard, and his team of three, and his ability to take pride and ownership in what he and his grounds crew do each day, week, month and season, continue to make Harmon one of the best kept courses in the province