18 Holes 18 Questions: Tracy Blagdon

18 Holes! 18 Questions!

Name: Tracy Blagdon

Grande Meadows Golf Course

BIOGRAPHY: Tracy is currently a  member of the Grande Meadows Golf Club in Frenchman’s Cove. She lives in Grand Bank with her husband, Mike. Tracy has a 24 year old daughter, Kathleen and a 25 year old stepson Matthew.  In her day job Tracy is the assistant principal and a math teacher at John Burke High School in Grand Bank.

  1. What is your full name?

Tracy Blagdon

  1. Where were your born”

North Sydney, Nova Scotia

  1. Where do you live today?

Grand Bank, NL

  1. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

 LOL… I have a fear of bats and mimes!

  1. Are you a member of a golf club and what club?

 I am a member of Grande Meadows Golf Club in Frenchman’s Cove.

  1. Who do you regularly play golf with?

 My husband, Mike and good friends Marilyn McCarthy and Jeannette Lundrigan.

  1. What’s the favorite course you have ever played?

 Bell Bay Golf Course, Baddeck, Nova Scotia

  1. What course would you like to play anywhere in the world?

  Puntacana Resort and Club (I LOVE hot weather and palm trees!)

  1. Where and when did you start golfing?

  I started golfing in 2015 at Grande Meadows

  1.  Can you (briefly) tell us your most memorable golf experience.

 My most memorable golf experience was the first time I broke 100.

  1. Can you (briefly) tell us your funniest golf experience.

Not sure if it classifies as funny but it was certainly lucky! I teed off on hole 18 at Twin Rivers course in Terra Nova… my ball hit the rocks on the left and bounced onto the green inches from the hole. I putted it in for my first birdie at that course!

  1.  What is your greatest golf accomplishment?

It would be a tie between winning the Grande Meadows Ladies Club Championship and winning the mixed provincials with my husband Mike.

  1.  What is your most treasured golf possession?

 My driver and Golden Retriever head cover (reminds me of my late dog Summer).

  1.  What is your best/worst quality on the golf course?

Best quality: positive attitude regardless the score card

Worst quality: how nervous I get in competitions

  1.  What 3 professional golfers would you like to join you at a dream dinner party?

Annika Sornestam, Brooke Henderson, and Inbee Park

  1.  What 3 local golfers would you like to join you at a dream dinner party?

I couldn’t possibly pick 3. All of the local golfers I’ve had the opportunity to meet and/or play with are awesome and I would be honored to dine with any of them. (But one would have to be my husband!)

  1.  Have you ever had a hole-in-one? If so where & when?

Not yet… but I’ve been close!

18. What is your best score ever?

87 is my best score to date