18 Holes 18 Questions: Tom Jones


18 Holes! 18 QUESTIONS!

Name:   Tom Jones

Gander Golf Course

Biography: Tom joined the US Navy at age 18 and served for 4 1/2 years as an air traffic controller. He then worked as an air traffic controller at the Boston Air Traffic Control Centre. In 1981 he was among the thousands of controllers who walked out on an illegal strike and were fired. From that point until 1990 he held multiple and various jobs, and in January 1990 Tom was hired by Transport Canada. In March of that year he moved to Gander, NL and restarted a career as an air traffic controller. Tom retired in 2012 with 22 years of service. He is married to Lily (from Gander) and he has two daughters, two stepsons and seven grandchildren.

1. What is your full name?

    Thomas Peter Jones

    2. Where were your born”

    Norwood, Massachusetts

    3. Where do you live today?

    Gander, NL and Ormond Beach, FL

    4. Are you a member of a golf club and what club?

    Lifetime member of Gander Golf Club and Riviera Golf Club, Ormond Beach FL

    5. Who do you regularly play golf with?

    Bob Skanes, Ray and Bev Skanes, and Lily Jones

    6. What’s the favorite course you have ever played?

     St. Andrew’s, Scotland

    7. What course would you like to play anywhere in the world?

     Augusta, Georgia

    8. Where and when did you start golfing?

    Around age 10 in Stoughton, MA

    9. Can you (briefly) tell us your most memorable golf experience.

    Winning my first Senior Provincial Championship at Stephenville, NL

    10. Can you (briefly) tell us your funniest golf experience?

    Two: Making a Hole-in-One on number 10 at the Gander Golf Club – the day after the prize was a golfing trip and a golf cart (Gander Invitational); running to the first tee at St. Andrew’s to join a gentleman – friendly Scottish man who was living in New Brunswick and a member of the same golf course as my brother-in-law, and discovering the twosome playing after us were from Marystown, NL

    11. What is your greatest golf accomplishment?

     Winning three NL Senior’s Golf Championships in a row

    12. How do you like to relax?

    After a round of golf, enjoying an adult beverage on the deck.

    13.What is your most treasured golf possession?

       NL Hall of Fame Induction Plaque

      14. What is your best/worst quality on the golf course?

        Best would be driving accuracy; worse would be streaky putting

      15. What 3 professional golfers would you like to join you at a dream dinner party?

       Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Rickie Fowler

      16. What 3 local golfer would you like to join you at a dream dinner?

       Callum Tulloch, Bob Skanes, Dave Soucy

      17. Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

      Three – one in Gander; one in New Hampshire and one in Florida

      18. What is your best score ever?