18 Holes 18 Questions: Neil Best


18 Holes! 18 QUESTIONS!

Name:  Neil Best

Gander Golf Club

Bio:Neil grew up in Fogo and fished during the summers with his father and brothers. At 18 he went to Trade School (as it was called then) to study Telecommunications and Electronics. He worked for 35 with Transport Canada as a Radio operator at some marine radio stations in Arctic areas such as Fort Chimo in Ungava Bay and Clyde Inlet on Baffin Island. From there it was on to Quebec for a year and Hopedale, Labrador for a year and a half before getting transferred to Gander where Neil retired in 1994.

In Gander Neil was involved in minor baseball and hockey and refereed hockey from minor to Newfoundland Senior hockey for 15 years. He was a Level 5 referee at the time of his retirement. On retirement Neil took up golf and now considers himself a golf addict.

Neil had 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter who passed away 7 years ago. He has 4 granddaughters as well as 3 great grandsons. He and wife Linda have spent the last 17 winters in Florida while Neil hones up his golf game!

  1. What is your full name?

  Neil Best

  1. Where were you born and where do you live today??

   I was born in Fogo and now live in Gander.

  1. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

   There is nothing about me that would be a surprise to anyone. lol

  1. Are you a member of a golf club and what club and who do you regularly play golf with?

I am member at Gander Golf Club and regularly play with Jim Cross who will be 92 in June, Roger Taylor and Lindsay Fraser.

  1. What’s your favorite course that you have played and what course would you like to play anywhere in the world?

My favorite golf club is Cove Kay Golf Club in Clearwater, Florida and I would love to play the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland.

  1. Where and when did you start golfing?

I started golfing in Gander in 1994 –  the year before I retired.

  1. Can you (briefly) tell us your most memorable golf experience.

It was going with a group of 10-12 golfers going to Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island for a week of golf on various courses.

  1. Can you (briefly) tell us your funniest golf experience.

One of our golfing partners was in the fairway looking for his ball……it was still in his pocket……..he took quite a ribbing over that one.

  1. What is your greatest golf accomplishment?

I had a hole-in-one on what was Hole #8 in Gander and is now Hole #15.

  1. How do you like to relax?

I watch a lot of sports including hockey, baseball, football, curling and some basketball. I especially love watching my favorite teams the Montreal Canadiens, New York Yankees and New York Giants.

  1. What is your most treasured golf possession?

Senior club championship trophy I won at Gander Golf Club.

  1. What is your best/worst quality on the golf course?

Best: I continually pick up any garbage I see around.

Worst: I am impatient and I don’t like waiting too long.

  1. What 3 professional golfers would you like to join you at a dream dinner party?

Mike Weir, Nick Taylor and Blair Bursey

  1. What 3 people(golfers) would you like to join you at a dream dinner?

 Jim Cross, Roger Taylor and Tom Fleming

  1. What is your best score ever? When and what course?


  1. What is your favorite/least favorite golfing hole on a Newfoundland & Labrador golf course?

Favorite: Hole #10 at Gander Golf Club

Least favorite: Hole #16 at Grander Golf Club especially when there strong West- NW wind

  1. What do you think is the worst rule in golf and how would you change it?

It has already changed. (Penalty for putting with the pin in.)

  1. What advice would you give to a young golfer starting to play golf today?