18 Holes 18 Questions: Kelly Brown


18 Holes! 18 QUESTIONS!

Name:   Kelly Brown

Bally Haly Golf Course

Biography: My name is Kelly Brown I am 26 years old! I have lived in Newfoundland my whole life and started golfing when I was 10 years old!! I studied at the College of North Atlantic to get my diploma in business management with a focus on accounting and later went to MUN and got my BBA! I currently with the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador:) I love hanging out with my family and friends and travelling to different places around the world.

1. What is your full name?

Kelly Dawn Brown

2. Where were you born”

St.John’s Newfoundland Canada

3. Where do you live today?

St.John’s Newfoundland Canada

4. Are you a member of a golf club and what club?

Yes, I am currently a member at Bally Haly Country Club

5. Who do you regularly play golf with?

Lorraine Coleman, Colin Slaney, Chad Colbourne, Jordan Richards, Donna Brown, Richard Brown, Marje Lester, Aaron George, Sing Lee

6. What’s the favorite course you have ever played?

The Thornhill Golf Club in Toronto for the Junior Nationals I attended. 

7. What course would you like to play anywhere in the world?

I would love to play at Augusta!! 

8. Where and when did you start golfing?

I started golfing at the age of 10 at a golf summer camp at Clovelly!

9. Can you (briefly) tell us your most memorable golf experience.

My most memorable golf experience is not playing at a course per say, it is the friendships I came out with! That’s where I met my really good friend Lorriane! We are still really really close to this day and I am so grateful for that ❤️

Also, going to see the 2013 PGA championship where Rory McIlroy signed my shirt!

10. Can you (briefly) tell us your funniest golf experience.

Every time I am playing with my parents! They are the funniest people I know!! I can not pick a funny moment because they are all funny! Whenever me and Lorriane play, we have a lot of laughs as well.

11. What is your greatest golf accomplishment?

​When I won the telly tour last year I was a jr golfer 🙂 Also, when I won the jr girls ​member championship at Clovelly!

12. How do you like to relax?

​By watching tv or going to the gym! Hanging with my friends and family!

13. What is your most treasured golf possession?

​ People are going to find this funny! But it HAS to be my shirt that Rory McIlroy signed!

​Or my Montreal Canadians golf shirt and ball marker 🙂

14. What is your best/worst quality on the golf course?

​Best: my drives and long game!! I find every year it gets longer and longer! I am really ​competitive as well.

​Worst: overthinking what club I should use and always changing my mind which makes ​me pick the wrong club out of my bag! Haha

15. What 3 professional golfers would you like to join you at a dream dinner party?

​Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas

16. What 3 local golfer would you like to join you at a dream dinner? 

​Lorraine Coleman, Jim Stick, Donna Brown, Richard Brown

17.   Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

​I have had 2 hole in ones so far! The first one was on Hole #6 on Clovelly in 2015 and I ​was playing with 3 guys while the second one was on Hole #11 on Bally Haly (old ​course) last year 2022 and I was playing with Sing Lee.

18. What is your best score ever? 

76 at Clovelly ( now called Bally Haly)