2019 Employee of the Year – Pat LaCour

Golf NL is Proud to acknowledge Ms. Pat LaCour, the 2019 Employee of the Year.

Mrs. Pat LaCour has been a staple at the Tamarack Golf Club for many years, almost since the beginning. Pat has never been a golfer but that has never stopped her from being a friendly face for many years for people who attend our course. You will hear many people say that Tamarack Golf Course is their happy place and you can guarantee that Pat is a big reason for that.

Pat has been with the club for over 40 years, and to say she has been a dedicated employee would be quite an understatement. Pat has worked at every position in the Club, from helping out with the grounds/course, serving at the Pro-Shop, and as a bartender, to of course her passion, which is the kitchen. Pat has been in the kitchen as a cook for over 15 years now and she is the reason why people love to go to eat the fabulous food that Pat cooks and serves with a smile and a joke every day while we are open. Pat has brought the kitchen from being a place that golfers like to eat to a place that is known and visited by many throughout Labrador and even Fermont, Quebec. It is a place where people drive the 15-30 minutes to come to have a great home-cooked meal, in a friendly atmosphere. This past year Pat has taken the kitchen at Tamarack Golf Course from just being a kitchen to being a place that helps financially support our Club. It is a place that has gained its very own name this year through a competition that Pat put off, the name of our kitchen is now The Golfer’s Landing.

Pat has outstanding attention to detail and to what people need, whether it be a friendly smile and a good meal or a cup of coffee and a friendly chat. No matter what it is Pat is always there and willing to do whatever is needed to make whoever walks through Tamaracks doors feel like they belong, whether it be a golfer or not. Pat is an employee who shows genuine care for the Club and its well-being. She understands what needs to be done to make things happen. Everything Pat does she shows her enthusiasm and passion for detail.

Pat not only runs a very successful kitchen that is enjoyed by many but she is always there to help sell tickets, contact possible sponsors, or do anything else she can to make sure that our beautiful course remains open for many years to come. Her organization and eye for detail are beyond words.
You can sit and talk to Pat and she will tell stories of watching players grow up playing golf and how she remembers their parents dropping so and so off to play golf all day. Pat truly knows everyone who walks through our doors and has a story that she can tell about nearly all of them. Pat has a passion for working at the golf course and that is shown by her returning every year to open up her kitchen with a smile on her face. Anyone who knows Pat loves her.

Pat is one of the biggest legends at the Tamarack Golf Course, it may not be for her golfing skills but she is definitely one of the reasons Tamarack has been able to keep its doors open and remain successful throughout the years. Pat is more than deserving of the employee of the year, and the Tamarack Golf Course Board of Directors believes this is long overdue.

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