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GNL announces Eartly Bird winners in the 2012 Golf Draw

On Monday June 25th, at the Gander Golf Club, Golf Newfoundland Labrador (GNL) in partnership with the Newfoundland Labrador Golf Association (NLGA) held the draws for the one-hundred & twelve (112) earl bird prizes in this 2012 fundraising initiative.. The prizes consisted of either a round of golf or a sleeve of three golf balls from Titleist. The winning ticket number, winner and ticket seller include: Round of Golf Ticket # Winner Seller 1987 Richard Brown Kelly Brown 1899 Carmel Saunders Kelly Brown 1957 B. Hart R. Brown 1980 Angela Hammond Kelly Brown 1858 Neil Foran Kelly Brown 1890 Fona Byrne Kelly Brown 1891 Elaine Ivany Kelly Brown 1888 Don Crane Kelly Brown 1904 Patti Hurley Kelly Brown 1903 Trevor Miller Kelly Brown 1984 Donna Brown Kelly Brown 1985 Richard Brown Kelly Brown 1986 Donna Brown Kelly Brown 1963 Betty Cuff R. Brown 1935 Gerald Walsh Kelly Brown 1947 Richard Brown Kelly Brown 1948 Donna Brown Kelly Brown 1944 Julie Millier Kelly Brown 1945 Leah Dalton Kelly Brown 1982 Justin Cole R. Brown 3377 Bob Giuest Jan Peters 3331 Peter Gulliver Jan Peters 3357 Eddie Bearns Jan Peters 3342 Danny O'Neill Jan Peters 3300 Graham Bennett Jan Peters 3303 Walter Crotty Jan peters 3336 Peter Gulliver Jan Peters 3350 Allison Crawford Jan Peters 3347 Jim Oakley Jan Peters 3334 Peter Gulliver Jan Peters 3312 Angie Gibbons Jan Peters 3382 Jim Rourke Jan Peters 1553 Rick Duffy Jayne Hamlyn 1652 Dave Wells Jayne Hamlyn 1631 Colleen Fowlboer Jayne Hamlyn 1687 Holly Burton Jayne Hamlyn 1586 Anita Kelly Jayne Hamlyn 1684 Sandy Hynes Jayne Hamlyn 1695 Dave Hanlon Jayne Hamlyn 1554 Brian Fowler Dave Hamlyn 1633 Jack Kint Jayne Hamlyn 1632 Murray Roberts Jayne Hamlyn 1636 William Howse Jayne Hamlyn 1581 Lisa Glavine Jayne Hamlyn 1693 Eddie O`Keefe Jayne Hamlyn 1635 Albert Boyle Jayne Hamlyn 1585 Mike Burns Jayne Hamlyn 1840 Lorrie Ralph Laura Blundon 1702 Terry Chinn Laura Blundon 1703 Frank Ralph Laura Blundon 1849 Craig Ellis Laura Blundon 1850 Heber Smith Laura Blundon 0004 Glen Yetman Dave Moakler 0003 Mary Hinchey Dave Moakler 0134 Tom Young Dave Moakler 0098 Gary Adey Dave Moakler 0067 Roger Granville Dave Moakler 0503 Grace LeDrew Adam Earle 0504 Tony Randell Angela Earle 5484 M. Hannon Angela Earle 5491 Chris Grandy Tanya McCarthy 5489 Beth-Sue Newhook Blomidon 0506 Leonard Howse Adam Earle 0509 Paula Butt Angela Earle 0511 Shirley Earle Angela Earle 0510 Derrick Wagg Adam Earle 0514 Eric Earle Adam Earle 0515 Sheila Earle Angela Earle 0508 Wilson Goosney Angela Earle 0507 Keith Oayne Adam Earle 1261 Matthew Dymard Lauren Collins 1709 Carol Blundon Laura Blundon 1285 Lana Collins Lauren Collins 1399 David Roy Lauren Collins 1281 M. Cahill Lauren Collins 1288 Lana Collins Lauren Collins 1277 Gary Colbert Lauren Collins 1252 Gary Lane Lana Collins 1257 Brenda Hayter Lauren Collins 1256 C. Coady Lauren Collins 3361 Terry Hodder Gale Roberts 4638 Paul Bursey The Willows 3313 Roma Quinton A. Gibbons 5481 Randy Critch Unknown 3210 John Nolan Unknown 3211 Wayne Hamilton Michelle Lacour 3209 Craig Blanchard Michelle Lacour 3208 Jim Davis Michelle Lacour 3207 Scott Wilkinson Michelle Lacour 3226 Craig Skinner Michelle Lacoue 3206 Glen Holloway Michelle Lacour 3204 Winston Crocker Michelle Lacour 3233 Scott Jamieson Michelle Lacour 3232 Suzie Conway Michelle Lacour 3231 Bruce Blackwood Micheele Lacour 3230 Jaron Flynn Michelle Lacour 3228 Carl Hill Michelle Lacour 3227 Craig Skinner Michelle Lacour 3238 Jack Gamberg Michelle Lacour 3229 Tom Foran Michelle Lacour 3205 Ches Lucces Michelle Lacour Sleeve of Golf Balls 5483 Rick Finlay Unknown 1928 Karen Butt Kelly Ann 4641 David Smallwood The Willows 1946 Susan Hanlon Kelly Brown 1255 C. Coady Lauren Collins 1860 Cindy Taylor Kelly Brown 3305 Gerry Stone Jan Peters 1634 Pat Messerve Jayne Hamlyn 3239 Noel Flynn Michelle Lacour 3341 Sandra Sparrow Jan Peters 4606 Regina Winter The Willows 4637 Ralph Paumontere The Willows In order to redeem your early bird prize plesae mail a self addressed, stamped envelop to: GNL P.O. Box 174 Gander, NL A1V 1W6 Your early bird prize will be processed and mailed. Alterantively if you wish to make other arrangemenst call 709-424-3102. The deadline to claim an early bird prize is Tuesday August 7th, 2012.

Posted on 07/03/2012

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