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St. John's Region Named 2nd Best Golf Value in the Country

ScoreGolf completed reseach to determine the best golf city in the country

Canada, as a nation, is a golf powerhouse. Thats been well known and well documented for some time.There are more players per capita than any other country. But SCOREGolf wanted to look deeper into this golf obsession, to break down the whole and analyze the parts. To that end, we began the search for Canadas best golf city. Using data from Stats Can, the course guide and a lot of phone calls, we put together criteria for measurement and went out to see which Canadian city could lay claim to being the best.

Our ranking is far from scientific. However, we put together some qualities that every golfer looks for: number of courses per capita, how many of those were accessible to daily fee players, great courses (i.e. those ranked in our top 100), and we even threw in bonus points if the city had produced a player who had played on either the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide or Champions Tour in the last 20 years. Only cities with regional populations of 150,000 or more were considered.

Kelowna was determined to be the golf capital of Canada. However the St. John's Region was selected 2nd in terms of the best golf value for the experience.

Posted on 11/06/2007

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