Annual Awards

Instituted in 2011, the Annual Awards Program acknowledges athletes, golf courses, employees and supporters that have provided their time, knowledge, skill and expertise to assist in the promotion and development of the game of golf.


Blair BurseyMale Golfer of the YearGander Golf Club
Judy GillamFemale Golfer of the YearHumber Valley Resort
Taylor CormierJunior Female GolferBlomidon Golf Club
Andrew BruceJunior Male GolferHumber Valley Resort
Carrie-Lee BennettEmployee of the YearGander Golf Club
Bernice MCarthyEmployee of the YearGrand Falls Golf Club
Bob SkanesExecutive of the YearGander Golf Club
Harold ButtVolunteer of the YearGrand Falls Golf Club
Callum TolluchGolf Course of the YearGander Golf Club


Matthew TibboMale Golfer of the YearBlomidon Golf Club
Judy GillamFemale Golfer of the YearHumber Valley Resort
Lorraine ColemanJunior Female GolferGlendenning Golf
Blair BurseyJunior Male GolferGander Golf Club
Joan BennettEmployee of the YearGander Golf Club
Mike BrowneEmployee of the YearGrand Falls Golf Club
Tom JonesExecutive of the YearGander Golf Club
Ruth PeachVolunteer of the YearGander Golf Club
Gary OkeGolf Course of the YearHumber Valley Resort


Angela Earle

Female Golfer, 2014

Humber Valley Resort
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A member of Humber Valley Resort Course, Ms. Earle has been involved in competitive golf for the past five years and during the 2014 season accumulated a total of 9,500 points on the Order of Merit to take top honours.

This past year Ms. Earle won the Tely Tour Order of Merit for the Junior Girls Division and finished first in the Tour Championship. Other results of the Tely Tour included:

  • 1st at Harmon Seaside Links Junior Invitational
  • 1st at Humber River Junior
  • 1st at Corner Brook Junior Invitational Blomidon
  • 1st at Grand Falls Junior Invitational
  • 1st at Bally Haly Junior Invitational
  • 1st at Gatorade Junior Masters Clovelly
  • 2nd at Provincial Junior Championships
  • 8th at Future Links Atlantic Championships
  • 1st at the inaugural High School Provincial Championship at Glendenning Golf
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2014 Outstanding Junior Female Golfer of the Year, Ms. Angela Earle. Accepting on her behalf is Wilf Pardy of the Blomidon Golf Club.

Blair Bursey

Male Golfer, 2014

Gander Golf Club
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A member of the Gander Golf Club, Mr. Bursey has been involved in competitive golf for the past eight years and during the 2014 season accumulated a total of 14,000 points on the Order of Merit to take top honours.

This past season Mr. Bursey won:

  • Provincial Junior Championships
  • T4th at the CN Future Links Atlantics  and won an additional quota spot for NL at the National Junior Boys Championships.
  • Made the cut and placed 37 at the National Junior Championships
  • Mr. Bursey,  is presently on a golf scholarship with Utah Valley State Division I

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2014 Outstanding Junior Male Golfer of the Year….Mr. Blair Bursey. Accepting on his behalf is his father Mr. Ed Bursey.

Gerry Bartlett

Executive of the Year, 2014

Blomidon Golf Club
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Mr. Bartlett has been Treasurer of Blomidon Golf Club for the past 8 years and served on the Board member  for the past 11 years.

For the past 8 years Gerry has been the Treasurer of Blomidon Golf Club.  Retired from the financial sector, Gerry’s expertise with money and budgets has proved a valuable asset to the course.  Gerry spends a minimum of 15 hours a week carrying out his duties as treasurer.  As the world gets faster paced and people seem to be busier and less involved.  It is getting harder to get people to donate their time to be a board member with regards to the golf course. 

Gerry is the exception to this rule.  Gerry is always involved in the finances of the golf course on a daily basis.  It’s nothing for Gerry to be home late at night crunching numbers, working on spreadsheets or coming up with new ideas to improve the finances of our club.

Being the treasurer of the club is a very tedious position and a very important one.  Ultimately you are responsible directly to the board for all the finances of the club.  To do this for 8 years straight as a volunteer is the reason why I am submitting Gerry for 2014 board member of the year.

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2014 Employe of the Year…. Mr. Garry Bartlett. Accepting on his behalf is Wilf Pardy of the Blomidon Golf Club.

Glendennnig Golf Course

Course of the Year, 2014

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Glendenning strongly believes in supporting community and social projects. During the 2014 season Glendenning donated unlimited use of their facilities to the Mt. Pearl Special Olympics Golf Program, conducted a Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer fundraisers, where 100% of proceeds went to funding local Breast Cancer research and programs.

Glendenning also continues to be a strong supporter of Golf in Schools and regularly provides access to the Practice Range and Golf Course for a number of schools as a resource for their physical education program. This year we supplied several schools with the equipment required to start a golf program as part of their physical education curriculum.

Membership at Glendenning continues to grow and evolve in 2014. Specific initiatives to grow their membership in underutilized categories was a huge success with Young Adult Membership (Under 30 years old) grew from 30 to 42 members for an increase of 40%. Female Membership grew from 24 to 31 for an increase of 30%. Young Juniors (under age 14) grew from 17 to 28 for an increase of 65%.

Despite the presence of a big box golf retailer, Glendenning achieved the same overall net profits as 2013, which was a record year for the pro shop. The course partnered with an International Software company that specializes in designing Golf Course On-Line Shops.  This venture was so successful that Glendenning became the #1 on-line store in their network and because of the success, the Golf Professional (Paul Kelly) was asked to sit on their customer advisory board. 

During the 2014 season Glendenning’s Golf Professionals delivered formal instructional programs to approximately 265 children, ranging in ages from 4 to 18. Every one of our Junior Golf Programs was sold out with a waiting list. Glendenning’s FUNdamentals program for kids age 4 to 8 was exceptionally strong with over 80 participants. Glendenning’s Junior Membership was sold out for the 14th year in a row, with over 45 kids receiving instruction and unlimited access to the course seven days a week. 

Despite the unusually long and harsh winter, Glendenning was in great shape from opening day, May 9th. This can be largely attributed to the fantastic work Scott Sleep and his crew did all last fall in preparing the course for winter. Members and guests have said week after week all season, that this is the best they’ve ever seen it.

In 2014 Glendenning’s already hugely successful Golf Leagues continue to wow participants. The Wednesday Men’s League had 326 registered participants while the Tuesday Ladies League had 247 regular participants. Every Tuesday and Wednesday from May – September the course and restaurant were filled to capacity with League play. Participants regularly comment that the focus on having fun at Glendenning is he key to their success. 

Along with numerous club tournaments, Glendenning also played host to the Tri-Club City Championship and the inaugural Provincial High School Championship. Both of these events were extremely well received and produced exciting play and fantastic scores.

Throughout the year Glendenning hosted over 20 Corporate Shotgun Tournaments with most of these events being conducted with long term business partners.

Glendenning’s staff is what makes Glendenning such a special place to work and visit. A large number of staff have most of their adult lives invested in Glendenning and consider it a second home, not a workplace.

Ladies and Gentlemen accepting the award on behalf of Glendenning Golf is General Manager Patti Hamilton.

Herb Newhook

Employee of the Year, 2014

Gander Golf Club
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Herb Newhook has been the greens superintendent at the Gander Golf Club for more than 30 years and in that time has been an instrumental individual in its continued success.  Herb could be a candidate for this award on a yearly basis however his performance this year has been truly exceptional.  A contributing factor to this is his willingness to ensure the course is in the best possible condition along with his determination and enthusiasm for his work.  Herb is an unassuming individual whose passion and work ethic inspire his staff to perform to the best of their abilities.

Herb’s focus turns to the golf course early in the year usually when there is still a couple of foot of snow on the ground.  Every season Herb manages to overcome the elements and puts in many hours of work in order to get the course ready for the season.  This year as the season got underway the end of May and June was like every other year.  However this soon changed with July being an extremely busy month due to exceptionally warm weather and very little rain.  Herbs primary focus was to ensure that the greens and tees received adequate water supply.  As usual this work was taken on without complaint and watering took place at all hours of the day in order to maintain healthy growing conditions.  His versatility in dealing with the unexpected in a calm and rational manner ensures there is little to no disruption to the day to day operation.

Early on in September a course inspection was carried out in order to identify projects which could be completed over the next few seasons.  Herb was forthcoming with his ideas on work required and on how and when to best carry out this work.  A plan of action was drawn up and three projects where selected to be completed by the end of the season.  This included work on renovating five bunkers, which required the removal of old sand, installation of drainage and finally filling with new sand.  Secondly the pond on number 9 required to be excavated and a culvert with a rock and sod wall was installed.  An area which was once an eye sore is now an eye catching feature.  The final project required removal of a large area of brush in front of the 3rd tee which caused plenty of aggravation and collected many lost golf balls.  This area has been completely excavated, filled with cores and will be ready for play in the upcoming season.  As operations started to wind down Herb maintained his exceptional work rate and started to plan for next season by identifying equipment and budget requirements. 

In conclusion the Gander Golf Club could never repay the hard work and loyalty Herb has shown during his employment.  It is his determination and passion that has ensured the Gander Golf Club improves on a yearly basis.  Finally the executive, staff and members of Gander Golf Club would like to say thank you and congratulations on receiving this award which is greatly deserved.

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2014 Employee of the Year….Mr. Herb Newhook. Accepting on his behalf is Bert Peddle, President of the Gander Golf Club.

Janet Mills

Female Golfer, 2014

Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club
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A member Bally Haly Country Club, Ms. Mills has been involved in competitive golf for a number of years  and during the 2014 season accumulated a total of 9,750 points on the Order of Merit to take top honours.

This past year Ms. Mills achievements include:

  • Provincial Mid-Amateur Champion
  • Provincial Mid-Master Champion
  • Provincial Senior Champion
  • Represented NL in the Senior Division at the Atlantic Amateur Championship
  • T4 – Dunne Hong Ladies Invitational
  • 1st Place – Clovelley Ladies Senior Invitational Champion
  • 1st Place – Twin Rivers Fall Classic Invitational

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2014 Outstanding Female Golfer of the Year….Ms. Janet Mills.

Matthew Hackett

Male Golfer, 2014

Grande Meadows Golf Club
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A member of Grande Meadows Golf Club, Mr. Hackett has been involved in competitive golf for a number of years and during the 2014 season accumulated a total of 8,500 points on the Order of Merit to take top honours. This past year Matthew finished:

  • 3rd at the Grande Meadows Invitational
  • 2nd in the Mid-Amateur Division at the Provincial Championships
  • 2nd at the Grande Meadows Club Championship
  • Competed at the National Mid_Amateur Championships

Ladies and Gentlemen the 2014 Outstanding Male Golfer of the Year….Mr. Matthew Hackett.

Adam Stanley

Executive of the Year, 2012

Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club
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In 2005, Adam Stanley joined the Bally Haly Board of Directors. In his many years on the board he has served in a variety of capacities and has volunteered on a number of committees. During his tenure, it has been one of his main initiatives to oversee and instigate improvements to the club.

In 2008, Mr. Stanley was involved in the restructuring of the management at Bally Haly as well as setting up a Financial Review Committee aimed at developing a strategy to improve the financial position at the club. Mr. Stanley, along with Miller Ayre, worked closely with the Global Golf Consulting firm to review the current situation and create a strategy moving forward. This study, along with the recommendations of the Financial Review Committee, brought about a Membership Debenture Program that enabled the club to secure the finances necessary to undertake the long overdue renovations to the clubhouse.

In 2009, again with Miller Ayre, Mr. Stanley negotiated a financial agreement that allowed Bally Haly to undertake a 2 million dollar renovation project. The Renovation Committee, chaired by Stanley, was formed to oversee the planning of the project. Along with renovations, Stanley was responsible for overseeing the general running and operations dealing with all issues that arose regarding members, staff and contacts.

Although not a current member of the board, Adam Stanley still has a strong presence at Bally Haly and remains a “go to guy” at the club.

Miller Ayre

Executive of the Year, 2012

Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club
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In 2009, Miller Ayre was approached by the president of Bally Haly to head a committee responsible for reviewing the financial situation and straining operations at the club. Mr. Ayre quickly accepted the challenge and his committee undertook a study of the long-term finances at Bally Haly. After presenting his recommendations to the board, he accepted an invitation to become a member himself over the next two years.

Relying on his business life experience and connections, Mr. Ayre developed a roadmap to get the club back on track. The services of Global Golf Consultants were utilized to review the entire operation of the club and provide a list of recommendations, checkpoints and key success factors in the initiative. Mr. Ayre was a pivotal member on the committee that reviewed the data and put a plan into action.

The first step was acquiring a substantial monetary investment necessary for renovations and improvements at Bally Haly. Ayre and his colleague Adam Stanley approached various financial institutions and quickly realized a need for more than just capital assets as collateral for securing a loan. They proceeded to set up and promote a membership debenture plan that raised crucial funds necessary to obtain further investment from the bank. The pair finally was able to successfully negotiate a financial agreement that enabled Bally Haly to undertake a 2 million dollar renovation project. A Renovation Committee, on which Mr. Ayre was a member, was created to oversee the planning, development and implementation of the project. Without his work, this incredible lifesaving endeavor at Bally Haly would not have succeeded.

In 2011 Mr. Ayre stepped into the role of President at the club and remained focused on setting Bally Haly on a strong financial path by taking a hands on approach to budgeting, projections, and the actuals of the club. He remained on the board as Past President until February 2013.

Chris Williams

Employee of the Year, 2012

Glendenning Golf
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Chris Williams has been with Glendenning Golf for six seasons, beginning when he was just 16 years old. Despite his young age, Mr. Williams has demonstrated maturity, wisdom and a strong work ethic well beyond his years of experience.

His perspective and ability to articulate his opinions clearly to other staff and management are invaluable to Glendenning’s operations. Prior to implementing new policy, guidelines, programs and promotions, Mr. Williams is regularly consulted because of the value-added input he consistently provides decision-makers. He has a unique way of seeing things clearly from both the business and customer perspective.

During 2012, Mr. Williams was involved in every aspect of the operation including golf leagues, banquets, restaurant operations, public relations, fundraising and special events. While his primary responsibility was with the Pro Shop, his versatility allowed him to quickly switch hats and take on jobs with other departments, consistently demonstrating his assets in the workplace.

Mr. Williams is currently enrolled in Medical School at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has recently volunteered his time and money to a School building project in Haiti and hopes to continue volunteering overseas as a doctor in the future. 

Eddie Bearns

Volunteer of the Year, 2012

Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club
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At the tender age of 13, Eddie Bearns began his golfing career at Pippy Park Golf Course. As a shy teenager, he did not venture far from this home club until 1980 when he traveled to Corner Brook to compete in his first Junior Provincial Tournament. This marked the beginning of a long and successful golfing career. Mr. Bearns finished third in this tournament, earning the right to represent Newfoundland and Labrador at the Canadian Junior Nationals for the first time. In 1987, Mr. Bearns joined Bally Haly and has been tweaking his competitive spirit there ever since.

In 1990 he won his first NL Amateur Championship at the club and went on to the National Amateur Championship in Toronto. Among some of the highlights of his career of the past 23 years include a third place finish in the provincial Amateur tournament in 1994, a first place finish at the provincial Mid-Amateur tournament in 2003, a third place finish in the provincial Amateur tournament in 2007, a second place finish in the provincial Amateur championship in 2008 and a Mid-Masters competition win in 2011.

Outside of provincial and national competitions, Mr. Bearns has attended a number of prestigious invitational events where he has represented Newfoundland and Labrador with pride. In 2004 and 2005 he was invited to the Barrett Invitational in St. Andrews, New Brunswik, which showcases the top amateur golfers in Eastern Canada and the United States, and in 2012 he was part of the Newfoundland team in the Maritime Cup competition.

Mr. Bearns is a great ambassador of golf in this province. He is well known for his participation in club events and has won numerous interclub tournaments and Men’s Club and Match Play Championships. In 2012, he even added a Mixed Club Championship to his resume. His love of the game is unquestionable and he is well known throughout the province, especially at Bally Haly, his participation in golf events.

Baly Hally Country Club

Course of the Year, 2012

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Established in 1908, Bally Haly is the oldest golf course in Newfoundland and Labrador. It boasts the best greens on the island despite poor climate conditions and old terrain. Over the past 104 years, Bally Haly has managed to survive through good times and tough times. The most recent rough spot was a seemingly continual decrease in membership and declining financial stability, which started in the early 2000’s. With the hard work of the management team and the Board of Directors, Bally Haly has been able to rebound and rejuvenate. An investment of 2.2 million dollars has resulted in beautiful renovation of the clubhouse, a new marketing strategy, along with a rejuvenation of the membership and increased rental of facilities. The course also undertook improvements to resurface two tee boxes, increase on course signage and expand the parking lot.

In 2012, Bally Haly saw a significant increase in the number of registered golfers, especially in members ages 19 to 35. In 2009, Bally Haly only had 14 members in this age bracket and has since seen a 480% increase to 68 members. Recognizing that this demographic influences the sustainability of club membership, Bally Haly actively undertook several initiatives to remedy this situation. A new team-based interclub tournament was developed to draw in this audience, as well as clinics being offered for free instruction and golf. The club also offered a ‘Groupon’ inviting patrons to enjoy a round of golf with a cart at a substantially reduced price. With these specials, Bally Haly saw many new faces come to play the sport.

Bally Haly continues to have a healthy social environment offering nine and dine events, ‘Theme Nights’ and events for non-members and members alike. It is proving to be the place to be!

Janet Mills

Female Golfer, 2012

Bally Haly Golf & Curling Club
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Although Janet Mills has been a golfer for only ten years, she has accomplished much in a short period of time. Her previous competitive sport history has transferred well into her game of golf. After enjoying five years of recreational golf, Ms. Mills decided to plunge into the competitive field and did so with immediate success. She represented Newfoundland and Labrador four times as a member of the provincial team at nationals – three times in women’s amateur and once on the senior team.

In 2012, Mills represented our province at the national women’s senior championships in Prince Edward Island. She played two solid rounds, carding 88 on each round and missed the cut by only four strokes. Playing in a field of such accomplished golfers in our country, she proved that she is a talented player who is able to compete with seasoned veterans of the sport, despite her relative newness to it. 

John Williams

Male Golfer, 2012

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After competing and winning the 2012 Super Senior Championships held at Blomidon Golf Club in July 2012, John Williams represented the province at the 2012 Canadian National Super Senior Championship.

Williams, a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland and a member of Clovelly Golf, went on to capture the Super Senior Division title of the 2012 Canadian Men’s Senior Championship held at Golf Griffon des Sources in Mirabel, Que from August 27th to 31st. A total of 71 players made the 36-hole cut, which was set at 18-over par 162. As the winner, Williams earned an exemption into the 2012 USGA Senior Amateur Championship, which took place September 29th to October 4th at Mountain Ridge Country Club in West Caldwell, New Jersey.

As a result of this success, Mr. Williams has been awarded the 2012 Male Golfer of the Year.

Blair Bursey

Male Golfer, 2011

Gander Golf Club
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In 2011, at the age of 14 and in only his 6th season golfing, Blair Bursey really showed results for all his dedication to the sport of golf.

Bursey’s season began a little early in 2011, and in March he was fortunate to attend the Henry Brunton Strive for Excellence Training Camp in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where he golfed alongside the Canadian National Development Team. Through a colleague he met there, Bursey then travelled to Toronto where he won the 14 and under category of a Canadian International Junior Challenge Qualifying event on June 29th. Here, he had the lowest score for the 19 and under category. He then went on to win (by 15 strokes) the NL Provincial Juvenile and Junior titles on July 14th. This resulted in obtaining a spot on the NL team to attend the Atlantics in New Brunswik and Nationals in British Columbia. Bursey’s outstanding 2011 season ended on a provincial scale on August 31st when he won the Tely Tour Championship Event at Terra Nova, and was named to the NLGA Canada 2013 Canada Summer Games Development Team.

In addition to this accomplished season, Bursey excelled in his golf ability at his home course in Gander. He was named the Junior Club Champion and the Men’s Club Champion for 2011.

From the NLGA training camps, which started in the fall of 2011, Bursey has faithfully followed a workout regime designed by the development team trainer and spent countless hours working on his putting and swing. During 2011, his has focused on maximizing his fitness level and fine-tuning his equipment and readiness for the 2012 season. For his numerous achievements, he has been named the 2011 NLGA Male Golfer of the Year.

Glendenning Golf

Course of the Year, 2011

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The one primary mandate of all Golf Courses is to “Grow the Game.” There are many ways a course can accomplish this, one of which is to develop a good junior golf program and to make a course Junior friendly.

In 2011, Glendenning provided formal instructional programs to approximately 250 children from ages 4 to 18. Their Junior membership is strong with over 40 children having unlimited access to the course seven days a week. Glendenning is also a strong supporter of the Golf in Schools program and regularly provides access to the practice range and their golf course for a number of schools for their physical education programs.

In 2011, Glendenning was also one of the few courses in our province whose membership grew. Also, their Ladies’ and Men’s Leagues saw approximately 3600 rounds of golf being played. The course is tooted as being one of the biggest weekly turnouts in the province, and possibly even Canada.

For these reasons and many more, Glendenning has been chosen NLGA 2011 Course of the Year.

Dave Cooper

Employee of the Year, 2011

Glendenning Golf
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Affectionately known by everyone at Glendenning as “Coop”, Dave Cooper has had the primary responsibility as Head Players Assistant there for years. That being said, he has been involved with every aspect of the operation including golf, banquets, maintenance, public relations, fundraising and special events. 

In 2011, Mr. Cooper’s dedication to Glendenning has helped in many ways to enhance the Glendenning experience. With the ladies’ league especially, he is a permanent fixture in creating the most enjoyable Ladies’ Day in our Province. Of course, he works his magic as well with the Men’s League setting the jovial atmosphere of the day and being the driving force behind ticket sales and prize raffles.

In truth, he is a master fundraiser at Glendenning. He has an uncanny ability to sell tickets, get donations, and create contests that generate thousands of dollars. Most prestigiously he raised a lot of funds for breast and prostate cancer.

Mr. Cooper’s heart is not only limited to the golf course. His preoccupation with the community shines through in his volunteering with such events as the annual Southlands BBQ, playing Santa for the annual Christmas Breakfast, and bringing care packages to guests and members in need.

He certainly is a valued employee and volunteer at the Glendenning Golf Club.

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